It is our hope that through a grass roots approach, that we will create a baseball culture in Haiti, it is so much more then just bringing a team to the Olympics, it`s about sustainability, building fields, building relationships, and helping young men be the best they can be, and using the sport of baseball for personal growth and development.

Jeff Howard and Al Goldis have been hired to Bring Haiti Baseball to the Olympics.

They have created The Reach New Heights Foundation to conduct fund raising.

This will  help insure the Future of Haiti Baseball.

The initial goal is to raise $1,000,000.00.

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We are building fields and organizing baseball programs to give kids in Haiti scholarship and education opportunities.

View the proposed fields at the City of Hope Olympic Village

We could even have a team playing in the 2024 Olympics! 

This effort is being headed by Jeff Howard and Al Goldis. They have created Reach New Heights a non-profit, to create a sustainable and attainable goal.

The goal is simple to assist the country of Haiti in making their Baseball Culture more accessible to it`s population through a variety of initiatives, culminating in an Olympic Team in 2024 and there after.

By taking a Grass Roots approach, by building fields, allying with community leaders,creating teams and leagues, and in the end instilling values, self confidence, and array of life lessons inherent with baseball.

Please help Us help Haiti.

The Non-Profit Reach New Heights has been established to Assist Haiti in Getting to the Olympics in 2024.

We are currently raising money for the First Ever Olympic Baseball Team from Haiti.

Please call ‪(305) 204-9972 for more information.

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